Arts in Healing

Spiritual Healing

This is an ‘energy based’ healing modality. When we say ‘Spiritual’ it means invoking the Infinite Spirit or Cosmic Energy and channeling it into the client for healing. Cosmic Energy knows everything about us- where is our problem area, what is the cause of our problem, and all that we need to resolve it. The energy of different mantras are used to heal, along with affirmations. This healing is very deep, and holographic.

'Goddess Energy Healing'
The energy of the mantra associated with the Sri Yantra is one of the forms used, and is called ‘Goddess Energy Healing’
This is a system of healing developed by Rekha Krishnan using the energy of the Sri Yantra and Goddess Lalita. Rekha received guidance through meditation and started using this system of healing since late 2002 with very positive results.
It is a form of Energy Healing, with balanced male and female energies. The energy goes deep into the client's complete body-mind, releasing suppressed negativities and patterns and healing at a very deep level. The aura is also cleared and healed at each level.

Besides healing physical problems like aches and pains, fever, thyroid imbalance, diabetes, obesity etc, it also soothes and heals trauma, brings clarity to a confused mind, assists smoking discontinuance etc.
It is a very powerful form of energy, as it is based on 'Shakti,' the kinetic power of Universal Energy, derived from the Universal Feminine Principle, and is amazingly gentle too, like a mother with her child.

The healing session lasts from 45 minutes to an hour, and is very restful and relaxing. After the session, the client feels strengthened and more confident to go about addressing challenges in his/her life. An energy field is created during the healing session around the client, which lasts for a few days, continuing the healing begun during the session to give extended relief.

Like Reiki or Magnified Healing, this healing can also be done 'distant', i.e. the client's physical presence near the healer is not a must.