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Arts in Healing


The Usui system of natural healing. This system of natural Healing is a method based on ancient Indo-Tibetan knowledge, re-discovered by Mikao Usui , a Japanese Buddhist.

This energy is transmitted directly to the recipient through the healer who has been attuned to channel this Universal Life-force Energy or Reiki. Reiki is not a religion or cult, and does not clash with any medical system. This energy can never be used as a power to harm any person or thing, nor to control another person.

Mikao Usui


  • This energy harmonizes your entire being ?physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and heals holistically.
  • Relaxes, releases tension and stress
  • Improves relationships
  • Increases confidence, positive approach
  • Enhances creativity
  • increases awareness and intuition
  • Heals traumas and cures addictions
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps improve time-management

Learning Reiki

Reiki is activated by a process of attunement carried out by a qualified and fully trained Reiki Master. Any person with an open mind can learn Reiki. No special qualifications are required.

Different levels of Reiki are :

  • 1st Degree :
    Channeling Reiki by touch ?a gentle placing of hands on specific parts of the body. This is a 4- 5 hour course.

  • 2nd Degree :
    The power of the energy transmitted is 4 times more powerful than Reiki-1.It enables you to transmit Reiki beyond space, time and matter by using symbols. You learn to heal mental and emotional issues, and how to ‘scan?the body and aura psychically. This is taught in two sessions of 3 ?4 hours each.

  • 3rd Degree Advanced Training (3A Degree):
    The power of the Reiki transmitted is 10 times more powerful than Reiki-1.The Usui Master Symbol is taught, along with other healing techniques like Psychic Surgery, Crystal Grid and dowsing the body with the pendulum. This course is taught in 3 sessions of 3 ? hours each.

  • 3rd Degree Teacher’s level (3 B Degree ?Reiki Master) :
    You learn to conduct Reiki seminars and attunements. There is a lot of self-transformation at this level. There are many sessions in close association with the Reiki Master ?assisting in seminars, and working on one’s self-growth.


"Just for today I will be in the Attitude of Gratitude".
This is one of the most important Reiki Principles. Gratitude implies 'Giving of thanks', which comes from the heart.
Focusing on 'Gratitude' opens the heart chakra to receive more healing energy or Love. When the heart chakra opens more and more, you feel Love- Unconditional Love- from the Divine Source, just pouring into you, and from you outwards. You radiate Love, and this attracts more of the same into your life, more Abundance and Peace into your life. There is no more 'lack' or feeling of 'insecurity', as you feel 'loved' and assured that all your needs are met and you are taken care of.
The above portrait is oils painted by Rekha Krishnan.Contact us if you want copies of the photograph.

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