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Arts in Healing

The Nithyas
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The word 'Nithya' in Sanskrit means 'perennial' or 'occurring every day'. These paintings represent the constantly recurring Lunar cycle.
Each of the fifteen lunar days or phases of the Moon has its own special vibration and radiates the energy of this vibration. In Tantra, they are recognized as Divine energies and are called 'Nithyas' (since they occur every day) or 'Nithya Kala Devies'. Each Nithya is a part of the 'Kaala-chakra' or Wheel of Time, which is constantly revolving just as the Moon revolves.
The 'Srichakra' (Sri Yantra) is within this Wheel of Time, and the 15 Nithyas are like rays emanating from the Goddess Lalita who resides in the Srichakra. The Goddess Lalita represents Pure Consciousness, and the 15 Nithyas are 15 parts of the continuum of Consciousness.

Each Nithya has her own yantra, mantra and group of energies (shaktis). Meditating on the yantra of the Nithya of a particular day helps us connect with those special energies and get the benefits that Nithya is known to give. If one focuses on one particular Nithya and meditates on her continuously, better results are obtained.
The Fifteen Nithyas are:

  1. Kameshwari- (The Nithya of 1st day of the cycle)
    She is 'The lady of Desire'. She gives happiness, wealth, mental peace, good health and family congeniality.

  2. Bhagamalini- (The Nithya of 2nd day of the cycle)
    She gives strength to win over enemies, power to attract the Three Worlds, fertility, and is very special for women as she protects pregnant women through pregnancy, preventing abortions and premature birth as well as ensuring safe delivery.

  3. Nityaklinna- ( the Nithya of the 3rd day of the cycle)
    Her name means 'Wet Nithya' and she bestows- enjoyment of desires, a feeling of love and unity in the family and physical beauty.

  4. Bherunda- ( the Nithya of the 4th day of the cycle)
    She frees us from the evil effects of poisons of all types.

  5. Vahnivasini- ( the Nithya of the 5th day of the cycle)
    Her name means 'Dweller in Fire'. She 'devours' the Universe, purifying and bringing clarity after burning negativities and low energy forms.

  6. Vajreshwari- ( the Nithya of the 6th day of the cycle)
    She destroys dense evils and helps us overcome our troubles. She also grants freedom from ignorance.

  7. Shivaduti- ( the Nithya of the 7th day of the cycle)
    She destroys wickedness, annihilates injustice and unrighteousness. She also helps fulfil righteous desires, material or otherwise.

  8. Tvarita- ( the Nithya of the 8th day of the cycle)
    She grants good health, education, wealth, physical radiance and long life. She protects us from poverty and poisonous attacks.

  9. Kulasundari- (the Nithya of the 9th day of the cycle)
    She grants knowledge and scholastic excellence, wealth, and also helps in the annihilation of enemies.

  10. Nithya- (the Nithya of the 10th day of the cycle)
    She grants physical strength and oratory powers. She also governs the six chakras in the human body.

  11. Nilapataka- (the Nithya of the 11th day of the cycle)
    She grants victory in battle, success in trade, success in examinations, interviews as well as court cases.

  12. Vijaya- (the Nithya of the 12th day of the cycle)
    She bestows happiness, success in debates, success in buying and selling, and victory in battle.

  13. Sarvamangala- (the Nithya of the 13th day of the cycle)
    Her name means 'All Auspicious'. She grants progress- both material and Spiritual. Meditating on her before a journey brings a safe journey.

  14. Jvalamalini- (the Nithya of the 14th day of the cycle)
    Her name means 'garlanded with flames'. She destroys enemies, and also bestows financial gains.

  15. Chitra- (the Nithya of the 15th day of the cycle)
    She grants our righteous desires, wealth and self-knowledge.

  16. Lalita- She is Pure Consciousness from whom all the other Nithyas emanate. She is present in every day of the cycle, and both within and 'controlling' each Nithya.

NOTE: The Nithyas ( Phases of the Moon) : all are painted in watercolour on acid-free paper, size- 12in x 12in
Mahanithya Tripurasundari
There are also three series of yantra paintings: The Nithya series, The Dasa Maha Vidyas series & The Sri Yantra series.