Arts in Healing


Discover the Power of your Mandala

Mandalas are symbols which you create through direct experience with your intuition. They can be used as a tool for understanding hidden aspects of yourself- your strengths, your recurring ‘patterns�and mental blocks, as well as bringing focus and awareness to your inner ‘knowing�
The Mandala process does not come out of our rational mind. The less we ‘think�the easier the process becomes.

This workshop will introduce you to the Mandala, and through it, to the mystery of the Soul and Inner Guidance. It offers a supportive initiation to all participants, regardless of experience using this medium, to open to their natural creativity through art, meditation, music and ritual.

In this workshop the medium is Visual Arts- you will be creating Mandalas on paper, using paints, pastels etc.

What can you get from the “Discover the Power of your Mandala�workshop?

  • Helps you develop confidence in your own abilities for self expression
  • It can bring joy as it facilitates the integration of a scattered mind
  • It can help you see a situation in a wider perspective, where things can be understood as a whole
  • Makes the invisible visible- expressing patterns or paradoxical situations that you may not have been able to express in any other way
  • Helps you understand these hidden aspects of yourself through bypassing the logical mind and transcending language
  • Deeper Self Awareness through creation of symbolic images
  • Gives form and expression to an intuitive insight
  • It has a calming and relaxing effect of the mind and body

What the participant goes through in the workshop?

  • Meditation through visualization, movement, centering and grounding exercises
  • Experimenting and playing with the materials
  • Mandala-makinge
  • Sharing- learning to develop a dialogue with your mandala to gain insights
  • Understanding and Integrating- understanding its message and integrating/ applying the message in your life

How was this Mandala workshop created?

Rekha has evolved the Mandala workshop through:
  • Personal experience with painting for the past 40 years- her own work as well as studying the work of numerous artists (both Indian and International)
  • Study of yoga for more than 25 years (which includes study of chakras etc)
  • Practice of Reiki and other forms of healing for more than 14 years
  • Working with Mandalas for her own personal understanding and self-growth for the past 8 years
  • Mantra japa and meditation practices for many years
  • Study of Tai chi principles, and practice of Tai chi

Mandala Gallery

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