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Arts in Healing

Magnified Healing

This healing modality, which was first channeled in 1983 by Kathryn Anderson and Gisele King through the Lady Kwan Yin, connects you with the new higher vibrations of Love, Light and Freedom. It helps in clearing, healing and balancing of Karma accumulated since your very first incarnation. After the initiation you ā€˜becomeā€?the energy. You can heal yourself and others, give absent healing, organ transplants, and prepare for Ascension through activation of the 12 strands of DNA. Magnified Healingā„?establishes a constant flow of energy from your heart to the Source, the God Most High of the Universe, through all of the Spiritual centers, down to the Diamond at the center of the earth.

Learning Magnified Healingā„?/span>

There is an initiation and a visualization exercise, with special music. one can feel the presence of Lady Kwan Yin.The workshop is open to all who are on the path to Ascension and Healing themselves and others.
It is a 5 hour workshop, with certification.


Celebration Workshop

The Celebration is a complete participatory process for all those who attend, and is open to those who have been initiated in this modality. The Celebration takes on from healing and teaching as individuals to creating, enacting and radiating as a group. It gives us an opportunity to gather with other Magnified Healingā„?Master Teachers to share our divinity with each other and invite friends and the public to interact with us. This is also a 4 hour workshop, followed by the Celebration, when anyone can join in to receive healing.

The above picture of Lady Kwan Yin is painted by Rekha, and copies are available for sale.

The Threefold Flame

This is the point of connection in your heart of the Silver Cord from the Heart of your God Self (your I AM Presence), which sustains life (physical and spiritual) in your being.

It is three-fold in that it embodies the three qualities of Love, Wisdom and Power that all men need to actualize and manifest in order to gain enlightenment and balance.
The pink plume of flame represents Love, the blue plume represents Power and the gold plume represents Wisdom.

The above picture of the Threefold Flame is painted by Rekha, and copies are available for sale.

For further details and registration contact Rekha