Arts in Healing

Courses and Workshops
Reiki 1st degree- this is a 4-hour seminar.
Reiki 2nd Degree- this course is in two sessions of 3-4 hours each.
Reiki 3A Degree- 3 sessions of 3-4 hours each.
Reiki 3B Degree- Many sessions in close association with the Reiki master.
Crystal Healing
In the 3-4 hour course, you learn :
Identifying different crystals and feeling their energies, selection and care of crystals, cleansing and energizing them, healing and meditation with crystals.
Magnified Healingâ„?/span>
Level 1- This is a 4 hour course. It involves an initiation, empowerment exercise and practice of healing.
Level 2- The 'Celebration'. this is also a 3-4 hour class, followed by a healing session for 1-2 hours. It also involves an initiation, empowerment exercise and creating a 'temple' of healing.
Mandalas are symbols which you create through direct experience with your intuition. They can be used as a tool for understanding hidden aspects of yourself- your strengths, your recurring ‘patterns�and mental blocks, as well as bringing focus and awareness to your inner ‘knowing�
Medium: Visual Art (drawing & painting). You can participate in-
1. The all-day workshop: this will introduce you to the Mandala, and through it, to the mystery of the Soul and Inner Guidance. To know more,click here
2. Individual workshops (2 hour sessions) to go deeper into the process.
The ‘chakras�or energy centres in our body play a very important part in our well-being. If all the chakras are clear and healthy, without ‘blocks� the result is good health, mental peace, happiness and abundance.
You learn about your chakras and heal them too - A series of eight sessions : one for each chakra and one to conclude- one session every week : 1 1/2 hours each. the last session can take longer.
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