Arts in Healing

Arts Based Therapy

Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) is defined as the clinical and evidence-based use of art forms (music, drama, visual arts) to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. Rekha is a certified practitioner of of ABT, having completed the course with the The WCCLF (World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation), Pune, India.
ABT uses different media:painting, singing, drumming, dance, playing, storytelling and drama in creating a therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist. The client is encouraged to express him/herself through the medium best suited to the particular problem he/she is experiencing. He/ she is not 'learning' the art form, but just using it as a medium of expression.

ABT Sessions are designed keeping the needs of the client in mind, and the therapist may use one or more forms of art in a session. These sessions can be designed for individuals or groups. This form of therapy can be used for many diverse problems including the following:

Stress &loz Anger ManagementDepressionMental illness
Improving relationshipsImproving social skills & behaviour.

Enhancing CreativityImproving memory & perception
Pain ManagementPhysical rehabilitation.

ABT is being used very successfully with special populations having developmental disabilities, mental illness, neuro-physiological problems.

ABT can be used not only for healing but also in enhancing creative skills, discovering our needs, awakening our talents and maximising our inner resources. People in the corporate work space, children in schools, college going students, home-makers and care-givers, and even those in the healing field can benefit from this therapy.

Rekha creates modules based on the needs of each client/ client group. Each one is special, and could have more than one art form.